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 I will give this place a 4.5 out of 5. The food has been Satvic and though blend. I know it is good for my health. The Panchakarma treatment was very well executed and I had no need for worry as I was under your expert guidance. The Knowledge I gained from you about plantation is very valuable and the location is very serene. The staff especially Nitya is very dedicated. I will recommend this place to anyone.

The only problem I faced is the dirt created by the house lizards for which some solution needs to be found out. Also suggested is a comfortable Chair or a Sofa Chair because the back needs some rest.

Overall it was a good experience and I wish you the very best.

Dilip Gadkari


These past 10 days in Shreepoorna Panchakarma Chikitsalaya has been rewarding rich experience in terms of peace, tranquillity and relaxation, provided not only by the lovely serene greenery but also by your affable hospitable and caring way which made we feel at home in this sylvan  surrounding. The Panchakarma Treatment has been really good and has made he feel the positive difference in my health already.

Your team of staff have been cordial understanding and caring especially the way my dad had been taken care off.

Appreciate their dedication sincerity and in whatever they do and they do it with all heart. Sincerely thank you both for providing the much needed break from the humdrum rigorous routine mechanical life. Feel so different good and positive thank you both for wonderful treatment God bless you all both in the noble service your doing and the may you continue do so for many years.

Surely would recommend your service to the needy in all ways I can hope I meet you gentle people some time again in life and I thank God almighty for providing me with this privilege of  meeting you all  and the treatment you all have provided.

Thanking You

Date: 25/11/2016
Rajnesh K. Bolar


These past 15 days in Shreepoorna Panchakarma Chikitsalaya has been a great and pleasant experience for me and my wife (Subhalakshmi) I came to know about this clinic and  Ayurveda center from Kukke Subrahmanya Temple during our visit to the Temple. We came to this clinic and initially took a complete body massage and my body had a great relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Hence we decided to take the Panchakarma Treatment after having a detailed discussion with the doctor about our health issues and diabetic Treatment for myself. The first day I was unable to walk properly and had lot of stress and Tension in me. The Daily Yoga Exercises and Agnihotra helped us a lot day by day in terms of stamina, Strength, Positive Vibration, Positive Thinking and leading a healthy life style. The daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner were very healthy foods which were prepared by dedicated staff under the  guidance of doctor Suresh, Nithya Prasad and Chandra were very dedicated and took great care of us and excellent monitoring done by Nithya Prasad throughout the day during massages on the Blood Pressure levels and gave Timely updates to doctor on the progress. Within a week after the treatment my Blood pressure level came down from 190 to 140. Myself and wife were very happy in the progress and continued the treatment. Doctor Suresh and his wife (Devaki Suresh) were treating us like their own family members and we visited Kukke Subrahmanya Temple and Ganapathi Temple and got blessed.

Apart from Ayurveda Treatment  Doctor Suresh and his wife are doing great social service to the people of Kadaba. I would like to share a great moment when doctor and wife took us to the school which doctor is the President of the school and following the RSS guidelines and teaching the real India Hindu Culture. The school has classes from 1st standard to seventh standard and the students were so humble and cute and excelled in studies, Sports, Music and Drama. The students have won lot of prizes in studies and extracurricular activities. One of the girls student performed Yakshagana (folk dance of Dakshina Karnataka) and we appreciated her great talent. There are very few people like Dr.Suresh in this country who do great social work which most of us have no time to spend on.

Thank you Dr. Suresh and family for giving us great Panchakarma Treatment.

Thanking you
Date: 25/02/2017

Dear Suresh Sir & Family

I enjoyed my stay in Shree Poorna Panchakarma Chikithsalaya amidst nature which was ideal place for me for relaxation.

Panchakarma Treatment is really good and made me feel better.

I am really grateful for the hospitality care and concern given by Dr.Suresh and Mrs. Devaki Madam.

I Thank god for giving me chance to meet this wonderful people.

Thanks to Nithya a brother and Chandrakala for their sincere service. I appreciate their dedication towards the work.

The only problem we had is the dropping of lizards all over the room.

Thank you
Date: 22/10/2017


We were searching for a suitable Ayurvedic treatment centre as we had decided to get treated with “Panchakarma“ before completing my assignment at mangalore. We were happy the moment we visited you place “Shree Poorna Ayurvedic Centre as we found it ideal for our treatment.

The Place:
Surrounded by thick green foliage with a hillock on one side and river on the other side, it is a beautiful place. Away from the crowd place, secluded, yet easily accessible throughout the year. Staying facilities are quite good and confertable. Staying in such a picturesque location itself is a memorable experience.

The People:
Your staff is well trained, cordial and professional in approach. They have taken care to make our stay quite comfortable. Food was healthy, tasty and good. Special thanks to Nithya Prasad and Chandraprabha for their services.

The Process:
 We are greatly benefitted by your vast experience in Ayurvedic Treatment, my wife’s knef joint problem has disappeared within these nine days. I found  “Panchakarma” treatment here is customised to individual needs and hence the results achieved in short period. Added to the treatment the daily Agnihotra, Pranayama, Dhyana and Bhajans have helped remove the stress from us.

Our sincere thanks to your Mother for taking care of us during our stay here. I remain indebted to your mother for the affection showered on both of us.

We wish you and your family best of luck and good health. Thanks for all that you have given us.  

Date: 22/05/2017
Divakara Patil
Rajashree Patil


I had planned to take treatment for my back pain and detox as whole from long time. One of my relative suggested "SHREE POORNA" He had great results from this Treatment here. I took appointment for Panchakarma and I will tell you I had great experience during my stay.

Dr. Suresh has been really good Doctor and great personality as whole.

He listed to problem in detail and also explained procedure during my treatment as well.

Treatment has been carried out realizing well. And I started to feel the changes after two days. Nature here is complimentary to the treatment. Mrs. Devaki Suresh also been visiting the patients which is really good. Dr. Had told it will be like a family here and it turned out to be true. Support staff Nithya Prasad and Chandravathi are great asset to here. Nithya has always punctual for treatment, Agni Karya, Yoga and Bhajans. He became very good friend as days passed on. Chandravathi also been with variety of Chatnies. Which I had never tasted before. All in all I am going back with lot of positivity both mentally and physically. Recommend anybody for treatment here.  All the best.

Date: 07/10/2017


I came here this time for a short stay (29th sep to 3rd Oct) this is my second visit to this place. Last year in September 2016 I was here for 13 days the treatment given and progress in my health conditions is the reason for my second visit this visit is like re-charging my body though the stay was short it is more memorable the hospitality extended to me cannot be said as words ofcourse it was homely here many thanks for the therapist Mr. Nithya Prasad for taking pains in every way to make my stay comfortable my thanks also for Mrs. Chandravathi for preparing good food  timely and fresh and also keeping our rooms clean and tidy and helping me in many ways.

Finally I should not forget to talk about the Dr. Suresh Koodur Who takes special care and the way he conducts the morning Agnikarya, Yoga, and Physical exercise. My thanks are also to madam. Devaki and Master and budding doctor Sudanva for making my stay more confertable and enjoying.

I wish to come again at the earliest opportunity.

Date: 03/10/2017

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